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War Birds 2010

Rogue Eagles Warbirds Fly-in 2010 7:01

Martin Sherman's distinctive 46 pound, 116", 1/3 scale, Navy N2S-3 Stearman biplane dances across the faintly overcast southern Oregon sky on day one of the Warbirds fly-in. Onlookers at Agate Field were treated to the music of a well-tuned RCS 215cc 4-stroke 5-cylinder radial engine. Martin was assisted by John Gaines during ground operations. Vid by Eric Kees.


May 15, 2010

Rogue Eagles Warbirds Fly-in Clips 5:08

(1) Richard Schwegerl lands his authentic looking Navy model. (2) A small, dark green biplane almost doesn't make it off the ground. The second takeoff run was the charm. (3) With ground assistance from Larry Myers, Rick Lindsey flies his yellow 80" Navy T-34B Mentor with Fowler flaps and stationary landing gear. The engine is an OS 1.2 Schnurle ported job. Lindsey's piloting skills are exemplified by his straight taxi, precise turn and beautiful takeoff followed by smooth, graceful maneuvers in the air. Vid by Eric Kees.


May 16, 2010

Planes from the Rogue Eagles Warbirds Fly-in 1:41

Among them are: (1) a closeup of Larry's 1/4 scale Clipped Wing Super Cub with its distinctive blue and white starburst paint job and the detailed instrument panel; (2) Martin's 1/3 scale Navy N2S-3 Stearman with a close view of the RCS 5-cylinder radial engine; (3) A silver P-47 Thunderbolt painted with Invasion Stripes and a yellow-black checkered nose; (4) Richard Schwegerl's olive drab and yellow PT-19; (5) A blue and yellow PT-19 and a closeup of Richard's Navy plane seen landing in the preceding "Clips" vid. Vid by Eric Kees.

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