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Air Show 2012

Rogue Eagles Air Show 2012 2:30

Some of the beautiful radio control model airplanes flying at the Rogue Eagles Air Show at Agate Field on Sunday, August 19, 2012, and set to a score by the Beatles. Vid by Rick Lindsey; choreography by his wonderful daughter Sarah!


Aug 19, 2012

"The Old Farmer" Routine at the Air Show 3:19

This is a skit from the 2012 Rogue Eagles Air Show of 'Farmer Dave' flying an airplane with a whacky antenna and not paying attention. Larry Myers is actually flying it but the audience cannot see him so it appears as if the goofy farmer is flying the airplane. Not much of the model is shown. Instead, the camera stays on Farmer Dave and Air Show Announcer Jay Strickland. You just have to imagine the Cub gyrating wildly while the two discuss the situation. Vid by Bruce Tharpe.


Aug 21, 2012

Things That Shouldn't Fly! 5:37

What does a Ferrari, a pizza box and a lawn mower have in common? They all were flying together at the Rogue Eagles RC Club Air Show. The Air Show was Aug 18 and 19. The video was taken with a GoPro Hero2 mounted to my quad copter (XProHeli's XP2). Warning! Takeoff is at 1 minute 40 seconds, fasten your seatbelt. Vid by Larry Cogdell.


Oct 15, 2012

Candy Bomber 3:37

Lots of model airplane airshows feature a candy drop where a model releases a load of candy for eager kids on the ground. Sunday's finale on August 19 featured a 5 pound drop from a Super Flyin' King built and flown by Bruce Tharpe of Bruce Tharpe Engineering. The vid was shot from an XP2 quadcopter made by XPro Heli in Bend, OR, piloted by Larry Cogdell.

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