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Chapter 534


The Rogue Eagles RC club is of one of the largest and oldest clubs in the State of Oregon with a rich history.  We have come a long way since Initially formed in 1964 by Bob Hawkins, Dick Wickline, and Ralph Witt, who was using a corner of his bicycle shop for model aircraft supplies. In 1965 the club had grown to six or seven members, who were flying off the race track located at the North Ashland interchange. In 1966 the membership had increased to about twelve members, so they decided to charter the club (Chapter #534) with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).


The AMA has been recognized by the FAA, as a nationwide community-based organization providing a communiy-based set of safety guidelines.  As a chartered club with the AMA (which is a division of the National Aeronautics Association and is the U.S. aeromodeling representative of the Federation Aeronautique lnternationale headquartered in France), the club became affiliated with other model clubs throughout the United States and other clubs from most continents of the world. The AMA and the FAI establishes the rules by which contests are conducted, safety rules and procedures, and sanctions the contests conducted by the clubs. Through this affiliation, contact is made not only with other clubs in the U.S.A, but throughout the world.


In 1967 the club found a flying site on Avenue G in White City. This area provided a runway 600 feet by about 120 feet wide, all dirt. This area was just inside the radius of the Medford Airport tower area, however no conflict was encountered, and the club used this site from 1967-1975.


During the time the club was using the Avenue G area, it was seeking a more permanent place for flying. In 1970, Mrs. Nixon, wife of then President Nixon, turned over 426 acres of Federal land to Jackson County for use as a sports park. A committee of potential users of the sports park was formed, of which the club was one. Initial plans stated that our field was to be prepared and completed in 1977. Because of conflict between our flying activities and other planned facilities in the immediate sports park area, the club was asked to give up our plans for inclusion in the immediate sports park area, and was instead asked to use the area which we now use at Agate Field. This move provided a benefit for the club, as the facility at Agate Field was available for use by 1975. Jackson County provided an asphalt runway which we used for the next 40 years. Many other improvements were planned by Jackson County for the field area, however they did not come about, due to lack of the necessary funds. Since that time the Agate Field area has been maintained and improved by the Rogue Eagles.


During the period 1975 to 1978, the club experienced moderate growth in membership with considerable effort expended by the members in the improvement of Agate Field. For example, the shelter was constructed, and the parking area improved. From 1978 to 1981, increasing growth resulted in a membership of approximately fifty, 15 to 25 of whom were active fliers. During this period there was an increased interest in the building and flying of quarter-scale aircraft with a wing span of 80 inches or more. Larger engines were being used, most of them converted chain saw engines. From 1981 to 1983 the club experienced increasing interest by family members in the activities of the club. We also experienced increasing interest by teenagers in radio controlled model aircraft. Interest in large-scale aircraft continued to increase, and pylon racing using small, three-channel aircraft became popular.


During 1984 and 1985 the club became interested in Pattern Flying, which together with Pylon Racing resulted in increased coordination and competitions with other clubs throughout the western states. Increasing interest by the public in viewing flying events, much of which was created by the club's participation in the Medford Air Show and other local activities, resulted in the need for the construction of bleachers for seating at Agate Field. The club members erected the present bleachers at the field. As a result of the increasing interest of teenagers in the club activities, our first teenage Vice President was elected in 1985. In 1985 the "Hobby Tree" hobby shop of Medford, established a perpetual trophy to be awarded each year to the club member who, in the opinion of the membership, contributed the most to the club each year.


The years 1986 to 1988 resulted in rapid growth in membership. Our first female President was elected, signifying the increasing interest of ladies in the club activities. During these years continuing improvement to Agate Field was being accomplished by the club. A major project was the construction of a new entrance road, and the removal of the old road at the approach end of the runway, resulting in much improved safety and flight operations.


In 2013, the club entered into a five-year lease agreement with Jackson County with an option to extend the lease through 2023 with further extension through 2033 pending mutual agreement between Jackson County and Bureau of Reclamation. This agreement will provide club members greater control of field operations and insures that the field will remain available for club members in the future. The lease agreement requires the club to maintain the field and make certain minimum investments in labor or material each year.


From 2011 to 2014, the club raised over $40,000 to completely replace the original runway. In the Summer of 2014, the county helped prep the field and the paving was installed by Knife River. Our total runway length is now 600’. All field improvements including fencing, signs, shelter, pit stands, helicopter pad, outhouse, impound box, bleachers, and entry road, were funded by the club with work completed by our members. Work parties are arranged occasionally to make improvements or complete maintenance.


Over the years the club has put on many flying activities for members of the club such as fun fly’s, building contests, flying instruction and float fly’s on Agate Lake. For 38 years, the club has performed an annual Air Show for the local community.  Currently the Air Show is a charity event which has raised donations in excess of $16,000 for the local Children's Miracle Network.  In addition, the club continues to put on many non-flying activities in which all family members can participate including barbecues, pot-lucks, Christmas dinners, etc. The Rogue Eagles Radio Control Club has continually grown since its establishment in 1964.

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