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Chapter 534


Learning to fly is something every flyer has had to do.  Everyone starts out not knowing how to fly a model airplane.  There are simulators that help and wise advice from guys (or gals) who have learned, but there is only one sure way to really learn and that is to Do It!  That is why the Rogue Eagles and other R/C clubs have AMA designated instructors willing to donate their time to help new flyers get into the air without very much DRAMA and at no cost to the student.

We have several instructors available:

  ♦  Richard DeMartini  send email  541-245-9858

  ♦  John Gaines  send email  541-951-1947

  ♦  Rick Lindsey  send email  541-776-5832

  ♦  Alan Littlewood  send email  541-244-8305

  ♦  Jess Walls send email 707-845-2833

All instructors are experienced and are very willing to help.

The procedure usually goes something like this...

  1. Contact one of the instructors.

  2. Set a date.

  3. Meet the instructor at the airfield.  Map to Airfield.

  4. Fill out a form to get temporary free insurance.

  5. Meet the airplane.

  6. Go 'up' on a "buddy box" system and fly around (with the instructor ready to prevent a mishap and save the plane).

  7. The instructor lands the plane and the student tries to stop grinning.

Instructor and young student are both paying careful attention to the plane in the air.