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Rookie Turbine Jet

Maiden Flight of New Rookie Turbine Jet 3:07

Ray Wasson took his brand new jet up to Myrtle Creek Airport for its maiden flight on March 29, 2013. The model is a Comp-ARF New Rookie powered by a JetCat P100-RX turbine. Bruce Tharpe was lucky enough to be at the controls for the first flight. After some squirrely high-speed taxi runs and correcting the overly sensitive nose wheel steering, the flight was nearly picture perfect. A few clicks of up trim was all it needed to fly arrow straight. The passes shown in this video were done at about 2/3 throttle. The first landing approach resulted in ago-around, although the jet actually touches down momentarily. She returned safely to Earth on the next approach, and later made two more flights. Congrats on a magnificent jet, Ray! Vid by Brandon Tharpe

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