The Vintage R/C Fly-In

is coming August 29-30.

*notice*  this is a



Click here for last-minute info on the fly-in, the awards, and an unusual pilots-only raffle.

The 2014 Pylon Racing season is underway!   Check out the RESULTS for Race #5

Gentlemen, We Have a Runway!!!!

Knife River finished the missing section and graciously paved an access ramp as well. The endpoints are filled in and safe but we still need to deal with the perimeter. The county will be helping with that sometime in September. We caution all flyers and workers to keep vehicles OFF our new (not totally cured) runway. Knife River has gone above and way beyond the call of duty to give us the best model airplane runway West of the Rockies and we are very very grateful. Thanks, Knife River.


The Photo Gallery has a new exhibit!

"Warbirds" over Agate Field

and feathered birds, too! smilie

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