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AMA grants

to RE RC for the 2021 Summer Youth Camp

The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)
Is now available on the AMA website.
After taking the test online, you can print your certificate, as long as you have registered with the FAA, as outlined below.
So, now we have three FAA requirements:
- Register with the FAA
- Affix your registration # to the outside of your radio controlled airplane, helicopter, or drone
- Carry TRUST certificate with you
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Current Newsletter 

Winter 2022

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image to


If you would like to post items in the Trading Post, send photos (JPG) and pertinent info to: mershs@hotmail.com

Also: please let me know when items are no longer available for sale, so I can take them off the 4 Sale page.

How to Print your

FAA Registration

If you want to:

- Create an account with the FAA,

- Register with the FAA,

- Log in to an existing account, or

- View or print your Registration,

then click here to access the FAA's

LiPo V per Cell.jpg
Do you know the
status of your LiPo's?
Click here for printable file.

- The first section (Part 107) is for pilots who want to use their UAS commercially.

- The second section "UAS flown by recreational flyers and Modeler Community-Based Organizations (formerly Section 336) is for most of us who just want to fly their aircraft, helicopters, and drones as a hobby. 

Click on "Register on line" (even if you already registered - yes, confusing!).

This will bring up the "Section 336 Dashboard" (even though it's really a "Former Section 336 - yes, confusing again!) where you can:

- Create an account or

- Log in to your existing account. After logging in, you will see a "Print" tab on the top right of the page to print your Registration :-)

Batteries Cig Butts.jpg

This is NOT COOL!

(neither are the cigarette butts!) 

Not only is disposing of your unwanted batteries at the field not cool, it's also:

and shows a total disregard for the environment.

- First, discharge your battery to 0V. Since most chargers do not let you discharge a cell to 0V, search for "discharge lipo to 0V" on line.

- Confirm that cell voltage is 0 with a volt meter.

- Put each battery in a plastic bag and seal the bag.

- Dispose off at a place that recycles rechargeable batteries, such as Lowe's (free - see picture below) or Batteries + Bulbs ($0.53 per foot)

Agate Skyways Current Weather & Forecast

Latest News

       Congrats to our              new Officers!!!

  President:          Bruce Tharpe

  Vice President:  Scott Hudson

  Secretary:          Eric Kirby

                             Rob Merriman

  Treasurer:          Art Kelly

  Board Mbrs

  at Large:           Babe Caltabiano

                             John Gaines

                             Jerry Stinson


Thank you for stepping up and a big thanks to our outgoing officers  for their hard work during the last two years!

Interested in learning a new
language - how about Aresti?
Click on Hammerhead
symbol below to get started.
New Videos:
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New Photo Albums:
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Congratulations to the

2021 RE RC Award Winners!

Modeler of the Year:

Rich Josephson

2021ModOfTheYear Rich.jpg

Member of the Year:

Rob Merriman

Most Improved Pilot:

Clark Wolf

Broken Prop Award:

Jeremy Hewitt

Pylon Racing:

Jay Strickland